Wednesday, 27 March 2013

An Island Adventure

Our topic this term is 'An Island Adventure' and we have been writing adventure stories, creating letters in a bottle, making 3D islands and all sorts of other things.
Part of our topic was to find out about an island and work in groups to research the human and geographical features of it.  We had to present to the rest of the class.  Each group did this and so we all learned about new islands from each other.

Mrs Prior thought our presentations were really good and even she learnt a lot.

Here are some facts you may not know.
Did you know......
1. St Helena is the second most remote island in the world.
2. Hawaii has more visitors in ten days that Tahiti gets in one year.
3. The elephant bird used to live in Jamaica but is now extinct.  It was the heaviest bird in the world.
4. Tristan De Cunha has the most active volcano in the world.
5. Madagascar is located in the Indian ocean.

Our D-L conference!

Our D-L conference!
 Yesterday all the Digital Leaders went to Shropshire's IT conference. To talk about our digital lives at school and home...We also did a number of workshops about Promethean's latest equipment. This includes the Active-board 7 series, and a new active table which was just like a huge iPad on legs! 

When we arrived we got strait to business and started our first workshop, (we had to do a lot of these!) Then we had a quick break with juice and biscuits. Then we were of again with another workshop! Now we had to our BIG conference about our digital lives...Dun. Dun. DUNNNNN..... We talked about things such 
as: Creative tech, like google scetch up and google apps. Next we talked about what digital leaders are and much, much, more...  We were all extremely nervous, yet excited. Once we had finished, it was time for lunch, a big buffet. As our day drew to a close, we still had another workshop to do, however soon we had to leave...

When we got back to school we had another surprise in store. Mr Dark, (the Promethean man) had got us all Easter eggs for all our hard work!!! We all had great fun!
By Poppy and Emily!   

Friday, 15 March 2013

Molly's 100 Word Challenge Week 23

I stumbled across the dusty room.  All memories were now flooding back.  Books and battered cabinets lay all around me.
This was my old life.  I was separated from my mother many years ago after a dreadful car crash.  I have never seen her since.  Not that mysterious cat we used to see.
Worried and scared, nervous and therefore afraid, I entered the bath- room, which was now mould-covered.  It was the same.....the orange soap we used to buy was still there....nothings changed.  If only I could have my mother back, if only I could have my life back, then my heart would be healed.

Grace's 100 Word Challenge Week 23

Warm and inticing, relaxing and calm, the bath beckoned me but neithertheless I separated from it. There were more important things to do. Remembering to feed Baker, the family cat, I braced myself for the harsh, bitter coldness. If there was a reason not to be a detective, if there was a reason not to be a human, that was it. I bit my lip and I thought about the case.
 Ten years ago a rich, hard-working family found a child (or at least, a youth) dead on their doorstep. They claimed it was 'more mysterious why she wore an orange minidress than if she was alive!' They didn't know she was my sister......

Harvey's 100 Word Challenge Week 23

Two weeks ago I was in the bath. Warm and cosy, clean and calm. My soft, furry cat quietly purring by the door. Orange soap suds floating on the still, blue-tinted water. The window, slowly letting through warm, dusty beams of light, dancing on the floor as the trees got blown about by the warm summer wind. All a dream, lost in a haze of memories that would make you cry. It's different now. Much different. Up here, separated, lost in space. With only three minuites of life left. Three minutes of oxygen. Life is so mysterious.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Parents prepare yourselves!

Obstacle course before.....and after!

The maze

Some of us have been down the maze. It's a love it or loathe it kind of activity. We look happy though!

Mud, glorious mud!

We're a bit muddy!

Day Four - A wet day

Today is very wet and rainy but our activities carry on regardless! Some of us have been in the underground maze, some of us doing survival skills, confidence course, orienteering and initiative exercises (we have lots of initiative now!) We are all having fun even in the wet and had a great time at the disco - Samuel A and Elise won the awards for 'best dancer'.  We can't believe that today is our last full day! We will see you all tomorrow!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Day Three - Wednesday

We can't believe it is day 3 already! Last night done of us did rifle shooting and the instructor was very impressed with our aim. Liam, Matty and Harvey were a brilliant shot. Today, some of us have been in the underground maze. That is a little like marmite - you either love it or hate it.
Others of us have completed the confidence chose and every one of Mrs Prior's group completed it with NO FEAR!
We've been climbing, doing initiative exercises and archery too. Karis was so powerful with the bow, she shot into the trees and we all had to hunt for her missing arrow.
This evening, it is time to shower (a first for some!) ;) spruce up and we're off to the disco.
The messages to you all from us are "it's fun" and "it's great"
Goodbye for now..

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Day Two

We have had a very busy day! We all went down to the lake this morning four canoeing and kayaking. Most if us managed to stay dry but a few(!) fell in (Karis, Dylan, Charlotte and Emily) The weather was lovely and kind to us. After lunch, it was survival skills, zip wire, confidence course, abseiling or rifles depending on which group we are in. Everyone is really well behaved and all are very happy. They are all joining in the activities and trying lots of things. Hope everything is fine back home and you are not missing us too much! Thank you for your coments - keep them coming!

We are here! We arrived this afternoon to plenty of sunshine and after settling into our dorms and a fire drill, we were off on our first activity.Two groups did abseiling which was lots of fun. some conquered their fears and did really well. After, tea we were back out in the (freezing)! cold for fencing, zipwire or rifle shooting. We have settled in nicely and can't wait for the rest of the week.

Monday, 4 March 2013

We've made the Create-It awards shortlist!

Well done to the boys who made this amazing E-safety video - they've been shortlisted for the KS2 E-safety category at the Create-It awards. That means they're in the top three out of the whole county - a brilliant achievement!

Inspirational posters! by Mya and Ethan

Today, we all created posters for Darwin day. Our focus was 'growthability' and to grow our personality and ourselves, we had to take risks. We looked at when taking a risk was a good idea or just a dare. Firstly, we wrote down our biggest risks and ordered them according to how big the risk was. Next, we re-ordered them to see which risk benefited us the most (which was the most worthwhile risk). After that, we made posters on the computers telling everyone how to be confident in yourself and recognize good risks.

Going to Manor Adventure!!

GOING TO MANOR!!! On Monday the year six students from Ash and Maple class are going to MANOR ADVENTURE in Craven Arms. We have been told where we are sleeping and what activities. Some of the activities include; Abseiling, Shooting, Canoeing/kyacking, Confidence Course and much more! I am looking forward to the Under Ground Maze, because I love mazes and dark places. However, it will be a bit wet because apparently it has ankle deep water! Also the confidence course sounds really scary, yet if you don't take the risk then you will never know if you like it or not. when we are at manor we will hopefully be posting some pictures. wish us luck!!!! by Isaac and Amy

Friday, 1 March 2013

Ester's 100 Word Challenge Week 21

My mum and I were on our way to misty’s when she slammed the breaks on, so the car stopped suddenly. “I’ve hit a fox!” she screamed as she tore her seat-belt off and flew outside. I did the same. Scampering around the car I could hear her sobbing. “It’s deeeaaad!”
I sped up and when I reached her all I could do was comfort her until sudden realization gripped me. The fox was alive, its chest rising and falling rhythmically “MUM, It’s alive!”
“No, it can’t be”
Hurriedly, I placed her hand on its chest. “See! It needs a vet, and fast!”…

Amber's 100 Word challenge Week 21

The car stopped suddenly. Flash back. Well it all started earlier today. I was in the middle of a maths lesson and two boys were throwing paper at me so I was about to hit one of them but they ducked and it hit the teacher. At the end of the maths lesson I got really told off.  The boys have been bullying me for two weeks now. At the end of the day, I was on my way to catch the bus and the boys came and pushed me into the road. scared and worried, upset and hopeless, I lay in the hospital bed. 

Sam's 100 word challenge Week 21

I woke up to the sound of hustling and bustling in our house, I opened my eyes. My parents had forgotten their alarm clocks.
“We were meant to be going on holiday today, to New York!” 
We speeded down the stairs and got in the car. My Dad pressed down on the pedal and away we went, speeding through the cars, vans and lorries. Then I saw a sign for London Heathrow T2 so we drove through the gate. Then the car stopped suddenly, we all jerked forwards when we stopped. So we rushed into the airport. We caught the plane just in time...

Charlotte's 100 Word challenge Week 21

I was exhausted: I had ran from the kidnapper. 
The car stopped suddenly... Worried and scared, tired and cold, I ran as fast as I could to get away. I fell! I gave up, they had me. If only I did what mum said, if I only hid and screamed for help, then I wouldn’t be in this mess. 
The large, scary man grabbed me before I could blink. He put me in his bag. The only fragrance of his car was; Coconuts! Where was he taking me? I was worried-sick. “Bye life...” He shoved me in a warm, smokey room. I was blindfolded [and choking!] It was my mum’s boyfriend...

Gracie's 100 Word Challenge Week 21

"Catch it!" 
"Well done" said the team captain Tom, sarcastically.
I was on the floor disappointed and frustrated, annoyed yet scared, I didn't know what they where going to do to me. 
I leaped on to my feet and ran back home, not looking were I was going. Running across the road, I kept looking back, they were right behind me... CRASH!!!! The car stopped suddenly. I was in the middle of the road DEAD!!! Then the team captain Tom whispered "It was all my folt, why did we chase him?...