Friday, 8 February 2013

Charlotte 100 Word Challenge - Week 18

It was a foggy day, I was wondering around the graveyard. As soon as i got up, the church bells rang. I looked at my phone for the time. It was nine minutes past seven. It was a sign! Suddenly, out of the blue came a shower of meteors! I ran and screamed. Then came hundreds of infected zombies...

I was taken to hospital, and I had a blue band on my hand. I walked around, and found I was alone. Then I saw a T.V with the news on it.
“And any human with a red band is infected,  BAD!”
Suddenly I heard feet running around, and I saw red bands all around the floor...

Poppy's 100 Word Challenge - Week 18

As I strolled down the street, the sun was shining brightly. I was humming my favourite song, Hey Jude. Suddenly out of the blue the sky started turning black! Dark clouds hid the sky and it started raining heavily, but this wasn't rain it was oil. Meanwhile, the trees were dying and the
grass was turning brown.All the natural things were being destroyed, yet everything man made was growing. This was my worst nightmare, I love the natural world. What should I do? I ran back to my house. the world was falling apart. This was the end...

Callum's 100Word Challenge - Week 18

Monday 17th April, 1999, that’s when the disaster happened. That’s when I got kidnapped and now I’ve been in this spooky house ever since. That happened two years ago, I miss all my family and friends but I will get back, one day.

Two years early, out of the blue he came at me, he said to me “ Are you ready?” What for? I’m still figuring that out, now. The next thing I knew, I was in this house, the house that I am in today. I was locked in my empty bedroom with only a blanket to sleep with. My biggest nightmare...   

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Friday, 1 February 2013

Great News for Greenfields Girls!

by Amy and Karis
GREAT NEWS FOR THE GREENFIELD GIRLS! On Wednesday 30th January, the Greenfeilds girls under 11's football team won the E.S.F.A cup and are now representing Shropshire at Nottingham university where they will play other county winners. HOW WE WON TERRIFICALLY! At the Sundorn sports village we played st Georges and drew 0-0.Then we played oak Meadow, and drew again 2-2. Gracie and Dana scored. Finally we played trinity and WON 1-0. Amy scored. And because everyone tried their best we went through!!!! Karis says " Although I could not play the final due to my broken arm from snowboarding in france I congradulate the team on there amazingly successful day. everyone deserves their medals!" Chloe says " I think the team played well together and it has been the best performance yet. " Molly says "everyone tried their best and I worked hard in goal, but it was worth it!" Gracie says "I am honored to be the captain of this amazing team and I am very proud of the girls." Emelia says "I think everyone played amazingly and that's why we won." Lauren says "I think that we are going to play really well in Nottingham." Dana says "I think everyone was great and I feel really proud for moving up from the B team to the A team!" Amy says "I think everyone was tense before the match, but pleased with the outcome"

Mya's 100 Word Challenge - Week 17

I was running through the forest, the key grasped tightly in my fingers. I ran to the green camouflage door. I shoved the key in the lock and it opened with a creek. Terror washed over me as I saw what was behind the door. Skulls and bones from past centuries covered the tunnels. Vines weaved between eye sockets. My jaw dropped, so did the key, at that moment a shadow crept over me, darkening my path. I let out a scream. I froze on the spot with fear- I wanted to move but I was so scared. So scared.

Poppy's 100 Word Challenge - Week 17

As I stared into the distance my mind buzzed with thoughts, should I go and find it, or should I just ‘let it be’? You see I was walking in the garden, when I found this ancient-looking chest with key, I tried to pick it up, (as you would,) and it completely disappeared! But now I’ve been sent up to my room by foster parents. They thought I was crazy when I tried to explain, that this could our big chance. Our time to shine, we could in the newspaper, on TV, everything! I’m out ‘a here…

Liam's 100 Word Challenge - Week 17

Hello my friends, no one’s probably read this but let me carry on. I live in a farm, poor, no way to get money, well that’s what I thought anyway! So let’s start, it was a terrible windy storm day. But Me my Mum, Dad and were at the cheapest shop we could find. The island bay. I hate that shop! So I went to the outside garden. I was searching around. But as I was searching, I saw a key. I picked it up and blew it. I saw an address on it. “NOOOOOOO,LET ME HAVE THAT KEY!”

Lauren W's 100 Word Challenge - Week 17

I saw that some thing was going on in the woods it looked like a fire but I don't know what it was so I took a little trip to a the woods when I heard, “Oi come here!” I thought my home is a minuet away I could just run but I wearing high heels. So of course I had to the fast walk so then BANG! I tripped over and… My worse night mare came true I was lost. My keys my phone—wait my KEYS! I needed them . But I was too late my house was in smoke all my belongings in the dump what could I do ?...

Isaac's 100 Word Challenge - Week 17

“I’m doing wrong, I know I am. The barn is empty, I think…” Those words came into my head as I stepped into the barn with the Victorian key. My mind was playing with my heart, I could feel it. Dad would not be happy with me if he found out I was searching for his most precious possession. As I rummaged through the ‘junk’ my eye caught a box with a keyhole. The key fitted. As I turned the key in the lock, I fainted at the sight of what was inside…

Aaron's 100 Word Challenge - Week 17

There I was just sitting there glaring at the key, waiting for something to happen. Then suddenly the shiny gold key started to move. I blinked 1 nothing happened. I blinked 2 nothing happened. I blinked 3 times then it had gone… I had been looking for it for ages but it was nowhere to be found. I had one more look around the house. I still couldn’t find it then something banged on the door. I didn’t no weaver to answer it or not, so I opened it the key was there it said “come with me now”………