Thursday, 13 June 2013

Tag Rugby Winners!

On Tuesday 4th June, we went to Belvidere School for a Tag rugby tournament with Liam, Callum, Matty,Adrian, Gracie, Dana, Jade, Cayla, Owen and Ceri. We played three games and the first one was against Mereside and we won 8-2. The next game was against Crowmoor and we won again 7-3. The last game we played was St Giles and we won 4-1. Everyone played amazingly well.  Victory was ours and the cup was coming home with us!!

By Liam, Callum and Matty.


  1. What a brilliant achievement! You obviously worked as a team and had a 'no fear' attitude. You had a winning streak that day and we are all proud of you. Well done for bringing the trophy home to Greenfields!

    Mrs P

  2. Wow sounds great. We do not play Rugby at our school. How long have you all been practicing for? I would love to have a go at Rugby It looks really fun.

    From Emily

  3. Well done guys. Hope you all had fun, Good luck for the future when you play again. Next time when you play I hope you win again. Good luck guys for next time you play.

    From your friend in Maple Class