Thursday, 20 June 2013


As you know maple class have been reading many books for the Page Turners project , and finally after many weeks of reading we have got a WINNER !! It is................ OUT OF MY MIND !!!!! This brilliant book caputures what its like to be disabled and unable to talk or communicate.

Quotes : Ella has said, "I think it was a very engaging book and i really enjoyed it."

              Mya said, "One minute everything is going perfectly, the next everthiung goes downhill. It has a super story line!"

              Isacc says, "Its one of the best stories, I will never forget it!"
Some of us loved it so much, we have read it more than once!
So I think we all agree that this book truly deserves to be winner!



  1. Hi,
    Out of my mind is a really good book and deserved to win! Have you read it? So well done Sharon M Draper.


  2. I loved Out Of My Mind. It has an Amazing story line. It is an amazing book, I think the author who wrote it has done a very good job.

    From Your Friend in Maple Class

  3. Hi Lewis here
    just wanted to say that this book deserved to win I think it was by far the best of all of them I would always recomend this book to anyone

    from Lewis Maple class

  4. That book was definitely one of the expected to win.
    I think that it was a tough match between wonder and out of my mind. It was a very popular book in our class.

    From Karis :-)