Thursday, 13 June 2013

My Driving Lesson.

On Sunday, I went to Birmingham, to have a driving lesson at Young Drivers. Young Drivers was brought to the UK, because most people crash on the first six months of getting their licence, so if young children, under the age of 17 start now, they hopefully won’t crash! There was an instructor next to me, telling me what to do, and he called me “The cone Murderer!” because I ran over all the cones. My instructor had a clutch and brake on his side, and he also called me the  “Speedy one!” It was so much fun, I will definitely do it again!

By Charlotte


  1. Charlotte, I think this is such a good idea! It gives you lots of practise before you learn to do the real thing. I hope that when you DO learn to drive, you don't have too many accidents! We don't want 'The Cone Murderer' on the roads! :)
    It sounds like you had a great day.
    Mrs P

  2. Dear Charlotte,
    It sounds like you had a brilliant time! I wish I could learn to drive! Did you know that in New Zealand you only have to be 15 to drive a car and get your license?! What kind of things did you do? As I am writing this comment I am getting more and more envious! I hope to hear more about what you have been doing on the blog. I hope you have time to come to our blog, click on the website to read a FABULOUS story written by Caitlin in 6D I hope you have time to visit.
    From Julia

  3. Wow, where did you learn how to drive i want to have a go. Was it good fun and who went with you your mum and dad or someone else.
    Your friend OliviA
    P.S Please could you leave some comments on my work thank you.

  4. Thank you for all of my lovely comments, I enjoyed reading them. I went with my Dad, in England, we have to be 17! From Charlotte.

  5. WOW Lottie I love the sound of that I wish I came with you. It made me laugh when i read the "Cone Murder" Poor cones getting run over by You and your car you were driving. What car did you drive?????

    From your friend in Maple Class

  6. Dear Charlotte,
    It sounds like you had a great time! I wish could do that! 'Cone Murder' sounds very funny! When I went to PGL (Parents Get Lost) we went on quad-bikes and I crashed into all the tires, that were for the track!
    What did you do there? I REALLY want to go now, I am ENVIOUS!
    Please come back and comment on our blog,
    Charlotte W :)