Thursday, 13 June 2013

Maths Games with Year 4 and 5!!

Last week us Year Sixes taught the Year 4 and 5s how to play some maths games!! Here is some of the games that we taught them: 7 Puzzle, Mathematically Possible, Shut The Box, Impossible Cubes, Maths Magic and loads and loads more!! I (Molly) played Mathematically Possible with the children! The aim of this game is to get the highest score possible! They pick a card of the top of the pile. (They can use the four operations + - x  ÷ to get the highest score they can possibly get.) On your card there will be three numbers, you can use each number ONCE. Then once you think you have got the highest number, you put your counter on top of the number on the playing board.
 Lucy and I (Lauren W) did Shut The Box and we played it with the Year 4 and 5s, it was really fun! Also they played some other amazing Maths games that we listed above! How to play: First, we told them what to do. Then they got two dice and they had to get the right number to get the blocks down. If you didn't get the right numbers, you couldn’t knock them down so you had to pass the dice around until the person knocked the last block down.
 If you would like to have a go at some puzzles and mind muddlers please visit this website:

By Lucy, Lauren W and Molly!! Xxx :D

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  1. I know that Chestnut and Oak classes really enjoyed having you teach them how to play the games. You were organised, knowledgeable and patient. What great teachers! Sometimes, teaching others is one of the best ways to learn yourself. I wonder whether it did help you learn too?

    Mrs P