Thursday, 13 June 2013


On Tuesday the 4th of June at the Shrewsbury cricket club we had a cricket tournament and we were against all  different schools like Saint Giles,Saint Georges and Crowmore and we won  two games out of  7.This was the year six team and from our school there was a year five team and girl' s year six team . In our team there was Jacob, Aaron, Liam, CallumR, Adrian, Louis, Sam and Callum E. We came third in Shropshire and we all had a great time at Cricket.

From Jacob and Aaron :) :)


  1. Well done to our cricket team. As usual, you all tried really hard and played well.
    Mrs P

  2. Well Done to our cricket team like Mrs P has said, The cricket team always try there best do there best and get through it all the time. Another big Well Done from me.

    From your friend in Maple Class