Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Our trip to Nottingham !

On Saturday morning Amber, Chloe, Emelia, Dana, Gracie, Amy, Karis, Molly and Lauren W went to Nottingham university to play at the football finals. We traveled on coach for two hours on the way there and on the way back. We played four teams we won two and lost two unfortunately , but we came joint second we only lost by one goal which was a great achievement and experience. We all enjoyed ourselves which was the main thing,we were quite disappointed that we didn't get through but there should be another opportunity.

Monday, 29 April 2013

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Grace's 100 Word Challenge - Week 28

Golden and inticing, beautiful and enchanting, the jewel-encrusted door beckoned me.  I had to open it! My hand rested on the doorknob, the design on it was most peculiar. A sparkling dragon with ruby wings; emerald eyes; a dimond tail and a marvellous golden body.
Delicatly I twisted it and the sound was deafining! A giant mix of whispers and secrets, laughs and scowls. Everything you could ever hear in one, bubbling potion. Confused, I attempted to close it again but only white stood there.  Where the manor had stood, where everything had stood, now was completely blank.

Callum's 100 Word Challenge - Week 28

The noise was deafening....I was running from the monsterous beast. His roar was deafening! The beast was about twice the size of me, he was above my head.  Terrified, scared and worried, I kept running for my life. I thought to myself, "Can I make it out alive?" Will I see my family again?" Lots of questions were going through my mind, I couldn't answer a single question.  I was heading towards the school, hoping I would be safe there. The beast was gaining.  Can I make it? I kept thinking that. I was at the school, I was safe for now....

Karis's 100 Word challenge - Week 28

It was Friday the thirteenth. As I opened my eyes I glared at the dark, looming scene around me.  Scared and worried, tired and cold, I sat on the metal roof, still.  The skies were grey and I had lost all hope.  My home was destroyed, my family were dead and my life was over.  An icy, cold tear rolled down my shameful face.  I sat next to my brother and held my hand on his cheek. He was gone.  As I clambered out of the burned rubble.  Screams ran through my head the noise was deafening. No more life!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

What do we already know about the past decades?

Our new topic! Back to the Future!

Our new topic this term is 'Back to the Future' where we will be learning all about Britain since the end of the 1940s up to the millenium (year 2000)
Look out for all the fun work we will be doing.