Wednesday, 23 January 2013

100 Word Challenge - Week 16 by Emelia

I opened the door and stepped out into the crispy, white snow.Frost covered the window's. All around was silence and everything was still, not a soul in sight. I crept back inside the house and closed the door. My bedroom was the place I went back to. Couple of hours later, I got up once more. I thought at this time someone must be up. I peered out the window. The grass which was once green, was no longer. I whipped the window clear and now I could see the caravan had disappeared. Surely that was to heavy to pull. I started running and never stopped.

100 Word Challenge - Week 16 by Grace

Heavy footsteps. Running. Towards me! I’m stuck – frozen solid. He’s pushing me. I’m falling. Covered in the frosting like snow that’s coming from the sky. The whole, colourful caravan shook, waking up Water, my pet dog. Some dogs are stupid; others (like Water) are very clever. Before Water I had a stupid ,or at least silly, dog called Green. Water’s an Irish Wolfhound so he loved going for walks. At that moment he bounded outside like his life depended on it. I shook my head glumly, slipped my jumper and went to join him. The sight I saw was terrifying…

Monday, 21 January 2013

Green to White - by The Snowleopards

Snow you fall, oh so beautiful
Land so quiet and with grace
Feel so soft beneath our feet
Fall so silent in the night
Ready for excitable children in the morning
Snowflakes your so cold
Children play, having fun
As you fall all day long

As people walk across you, footprints melt into the ground. The paws of puppies and feet of children walk across your blanket of white.

Children having fun all day in the snow
Snowmen are built everywhere.
Snow-balls in the air hitting children ,
People sledging  down the mountains
Lots of people having fun in the snow

Ice is like snow but more cold and ice is harder than snow
If you make a ice ball this will hurt snow is white but ice is like glass.
You can have snow storms but not ice storms.

The snowman’s faces fade away
And the beautiful blanket starts to melt
Children smiles turn into frowns
As your sparkling white turns into dirty grey
No more sledging
No snowball fights
That is the end of  snow

A Snowman's world - by The Winter Wonders

The tears of white
Fall from the sky
Then drift to the earth
As snow.

It comes from the heavens,
Then falls without sound
Sometimes staying,
Sometimes melting away.

When it lands upon your glove,
 Your shoulder or your hat,
Take a look and you will see,
 Not one is quite the same.

Each and every snowflake,
Has its very own look,
Try to catch two the same,
I give you my word you will not succeed.

Children play with snow,
They make some snowballs and attack,
People play with the icy crystals,
Jumping in its joy.

In the slowly melting snow Children play,
Throwing snow and laughing,
Meeting everyone you know,
It will soon go.

Your sparkling white skin is so ice cold,
Although your frozen heart is strong and bold.
You have a hat a scarf  some gloves and a coat,
Letting the  falling snowflakes change to float.

Your glistening coal eyes soften the scene,
Leaving your beautiful carrot nose to make you gleam.
With your pressed in mouth that makes you smile,
Your kind hearted creators made it worthwhile.

Staring at the sun that flames with fire,
Loving your short life with desire
That bright, bright light is the evil wrath
Leaving you melted in the path.

Snow Poem by The Icicles

I love snow it’s full of fun
I can never get enough
Different kinds of snowflakes
Fall in my hair, I love snow!

I run around and get soaking wet.
Building a snowman in the snow.
Scarf, hat, gloves, coal for his eyes and mouth.
Also a carrot for his nose
I love snow!

Icicle, icicle
Shiny spikes of beauty.
Slowly formed, each unique.
Children ride their bicycles,
Underneath the icicles.

Snow falling on the ground.
Children standing all astound
At the wonder of the world with snow covering the ground.

Footprints, footprints
In the snow
Children play and laugh
And make footprints.

The snow transferring,
The millions of people
Falling down, every second
Will vanish and hearts broken into a million pieces
Like the snow


Snowy Homework

Our homework was to build something in the snow. Have a look at what we got up to. What do you think?

Thursday, 10 January 2013

An Island Adventure - A Prologue

We are busy writing some island adventure stories.  We decided to have a prologue to let our reader know how we arrived on the island.  The video of  The Lighthouse was a perfect way to get our imaginations going.  We decided to write about how our ship came to be wrecked by using the video and writing in the third person.  Our stories will then shift to the first person after the prologue.
Watch the video and scroll down to the posts below to read the prologues to our stories.

Prologue by Grace


Villages cheered as their magnificent lighthouse shone it’s life-saving light. Protecting passing ships from the Island’s murderous rocks.

Inside the towering light-house however, the Keeper sat, wearily writing down the days log in the heavy log book. He pushed the window close blocking out the bone-chilling cold and the people’s merry cheering. For a few minutes the Keeper carried on inscribing the log with the uneventful day.

Without warning the lamp of the lighthouse plunged into darkness! The poor Keeper was stunned and became more so when the window blew open, destroying his candle. He fumbled in his pocket, pulling out a match and lit a feeble lamp. He rushed up the empty stairway until he reached the watch room.

The machinery was eerily untouched, perfectly clean. The keeper inspected every bit of it’s working. Every cog. Every nut. Every bolt.

With the ear-splitting sound of a ship’s fog horn he scampered up to the lamp room. In desperation he unscrewed the lamp and spun round with it in his arms. Before he had taken two steps he tripped then… Crash! It splintered into thousands of pieces.

The ship drew ever closer to the rocks…

Prologue by Isaac

The party went on down in the village, the beer was flowing and the band was playing.

Way above the party, the lighthouse stood. Inside the lighthouse - the Keeper sat at his old wooden desk, working   busily. He could hear the noise of the village below him, and was feeling   miserable. He slammed the window shut in a rage and said to himself, “Why can’t they just be? Some people have to work every night; while others think that life is just a big party. Well, it ain’t! 

Then quite suddenly, an extremely loud noise startled him and caused the window to blow open again. The candle blew out instantly, (because there was no electricity in the lighthouse) plunging the room into complete darkness.

The Keeper stood up nervously, hoping it wasn’t what he thought it was. Running up the stairs, he grabbed his toolbox and headed to the watch room.

Inside the room he discovered that the worst had happened. The bulb that powered the light had blown. Quickly, the Keeper set about fixing it. He rushed to the lantern room and immediately decided to take the huge light out of its metal stand. He put his toolbox behind him and set about unscrewing the screws that were holding the lantern on the stand.

But then, the worst noise that could have possibly happened at that moment in time, happened. About a mile off the coast of the small island, a ship’s horn blew loudly across the ocean, up the village and to the Keepers alarmed face. When he finished screwing the screws, the Keeper heaved and dragged the light off its stand.

The master’s worst problems happened. The Keeper tripped over the toolbox that he had left behind him. The bulb smashed into a thousand pieces.

The Keeper looked up, his eyes full of tears as the ship drew ever nearer…

Prologue by Ester

All was well on Kirren Island. It always had been. Little did The Lighthouse Keeper know that that was all about to change… That night!

Inside the Lighthouse The Keeper was in a mood. He was late on filling in his log, the rowdy partiers made such a racket and the window was letting so much  freezing air. Angrily, he thrust it shut, putting out the cold and the noise. Just then there came a screech and a crash. The light went out and the window flew open, wiping the life from the candle and plunging the room into darkness.

He fumbled along through the darkness, finally stumbling upon a lantern, lighting it and setting of at a hurried pace for the watch room. A foghorn sounded and he raced to the window for a view of the sea. A ship! A ship heading straight for the deadly rocks!

He picked up his tools and dashed to the lantern room. Cautiously, the keeper opened the hatch to the lamp. He couldn’t see anything wrong with the bulb and decided to take it out for further

Prologue by Amy

It was a cold, dark evening and the lighthouse keeper was busy working. The partying villagers voices carried up into the lighthouse along with the bitter cold. Angrily the keeper slammed the window shut . Suddenly there was a loud crash and bang. The window blew open bringing back the cold air and plunging the room into darkness. The keeper took a step backwards and stumbled over his chair. In a hurry he lit a lamp and charged up the stone stairs. When he reached the watch room, the keeper held the lamp high and shouted “HELLO” but there was no reply.

Later– when he had searched the watch room -the keeper made his way up to the lantern room. He looked around, but there was nothing and no one to be seen. Suddenly the keeper heard the ear piercing horn of a ship. Panicking he grabbed the lens and shuffled away. Unfortunately his foot caught on the tool box, so the lens smashed into one thousand opeices along with all the keepers hopes! Would people think he did it on purpose? The keeper thought to himself .

He watched the ship coming closer. It was all his fault….

Prologue by Callum

 The lighthouse was the tallest, most proudest building in all the land, towering above all citizens. In the lighthouse, the hard working Keeper was planning his letter, to the Mayor. The loud noisy Villagers were partying just too loud for the Keeper. Angrily, he blocked the sound by slamming the window shut.
 Quickly, the window open also, the lighthouse candle blew out, giving the Keeper no light at all! Then, the next worrying thing happened, it was like someone turned the light of the lens off. Without thinking, he grabbed a lantern and sped up a flight of stairs to the watch room. “BEEP!” Came the Boat. Desperately, the Keeper rushed up to the lantern room, trying to fix the lens. The Boat loomed nearer and nearer towards the lighthouse and also the treacherous rocks…
 The Keeper picked the lens up, trying to fix it. Unfortunately, he tripped up the toolbox, falling to the ground with the lens. The light of the lighthouse was shattered into pieces. The Boat would crash…