Thursday, 29 November 2012

Emily B's 100 Word Challenge Week 11

“Normal day, normal life, normal me”, I sighed as I scrambled out of bed. Walking slowly, I shuffled towards the bathroom. A crows nest stared back at me in the misty mirror! Then from out of the blue a bang came from my room. I plodded back to be met by a green sheet covering something. With great care I revealed a ghost like door… I opened the wonderfully scary door and stepped inside. “Woah!” There was a different land! Oh… It looked upside down! I was in a dream. ‘Pinch’. Ouch! Maybe not. I was in for a treat! By Emily B

Friday, 23 November 2012

Greek Day!

Today was Maple class's Greek day. This is to celebrate our topic on the Ancient Greeks. We dressed up as ancient greeks and all wore a toga or chiton.
 In the morning, we made city state banners and wrote in greek. We made laurel headbands. After break, we tasted Greek food. Some of us thought it was absolutely horrible; others thought it was delicious! We tried: Tzatziki, olives, feta cheese, taramasalata, celery, cucumber, pitta bread, hummus, tomatoes,dates, grapes and 'red wine' (actually Ribena) We even tried a bit of greek dancing!!
 During the afternoon, we held a MICRO OLYMPICS. We had cotton wool ball shotput, matchstick javelin, 2p coin discus, flicking frog long jump and tissue paper fish swimming. We named our teams and measured the distances for each member.
 The team names were: The Olympians Zeus Argives Diamond Dragons The Godesses All in all we had a great day. In fact we'd call it a 'Greektastic'day!


Friday, 16 November 2012

Ester's 100 Word Challenge Week 9

As the mice prepared for themselves for battle, the other side (the ants) did a rather peculiar thing. After cleaning their antennae they began to form a strange shape which most humans would know as a helicopter. The ants, it appeared, were going for the chocolate by air!
            I dashed back to warn the mice that they had to speed up or the ants would retrieve the last piece of chocolate which was rightfully theirs.
            As a badger, when the mice started to panic and scatter, I instantly leapt into control. Starting to despair, the abbot took to my side. “ Old friend, will we ever get the chocolate.” …  

Children In Need day at Greenfields school 2012.

Today we had a Children In Need fund raiser. We all put an amazing effort in to our pj's or clothes, we also had our face painted on the play ground, but we definitely had some fun. New class mates were joined to our class [bears!!!] We want to thank all pupils for raising lots of money. Visit  the website of children in need, [They have great games.] We'll let you know how much we raised. What did you! do  for children in need?

By Gracie and Charlotte.

Harvey's 100 Word Challenge Week 9

Hello, my name is Bob, the piece of chocolate. I have been abandoned, and left in this desolate yellow landscape,(not really this is all lies I’m just stuck on this yellow plate with a few crumbs)and somehow I’ve got to get off this plate and into the stomach of a human being…hmmm .Aha! if I-BANG! BANG! BANG! a giant shadow looms over me…a human!.The human’s hand reaches towards me. It picks me up…NOM! My mission is complete. One small step for chocolate, one giant leap for chocolate kind-well, not really…sort of .

Grace's 100 Word challenge Week 9

Mars bar!

The greatest scientific discovery of all time and I made it. Being the first human on Mars was amazing but this was just legendary. Who would off thought one square of chocolate with a fingerprint on could change the world of course like this? Not me that’s for sure. It wasn’t my fault. Besides, the army will deal with the ships. When we took that chocolate we had already scoured the planet surface for something, anything that would prove their existence and then, a mere foot from our glassy craft, sat one block of choclate. Aliens!

Matty's 100 Word Challenge Week 9

This was it, the end. I was the last one left, I felt horrible with people gorping at me, it’s as if they’re about to go wild. Licking their lips, eyes wide open and they’re not even blinking, I was waiting for them or one of them to put me out of my misery. But no, no-one would even get a step closer than they were. It was like they were hypnotised, I could move from one side of the plate to the other but only their eyes moved to watch. That was it, I was going to die one way or another…  

By Matty H

Friday, 9 November 2012

The Vitruvian Man

On Wednesday 8th November, Maple class did an exiting maths class, being watched by Mr Morris (our head teacher).

We tested Leonardo Da Vinci's theory on the Vitruvian Man. Leonardo thought that ALL humans arm span was exactly the same measurement as your height. He also thought that your ear is exactly one third of your face. None of the class proved Leo right, poor Da Vinci.

Now, you might wondering what maths is in this - but there is a lot! We had to estimate, measure fractions of amounts, proportion, use a calculator, measure accurately and many more hard and brain-racking calculations! 

Get your tape measure out quickly and see if you're the Vitruvian Man!
  • Boys - is the length of your foot one-sixth of your height?
  • Is your palm the width of four fingers?
  • Is the distance from your elbow to armpit one-eighth of your height?
  • Is the distance of from your hairline to the bottom of your chin one-tenth of your height?

Get involved now!

Getting On And Falling Out...

Today at Greenfields it is Darwin day. And in Maple class we learned about 'Getting on and Falling out'.

First we talked about the qualities of a good friend, these are a few of our ideas:

Funny, adventurous, hard to fall out with, understanding, etc..etc..

Secondly we made our own friendship coins. We decorated them and wrote some of the qualities of a good friend on them and if we wanted made our own motto for the coin. Once they are all finished we are going to put them on our school Christmas tree.

Thirdly, we learned how to resolve conflict, we also found out about a thing called 'I-messages'. It's used  instead of arguing and shouting at each other, it's an easier way to say how you feel about something.

'I messaging' layout:

I feel... (the feeling you get)
When you... (the action the other person is doing that is causing the feeling)
Because... (the effect on you, or on the other people/person)

Thank-you for reading... Maybe next time your upset/angry you could use 'I message'! :-)

By Molly and Poppy x
Some of our Friendship coins!

Aaron's boxing

Aarons boxing
I am Aaron and I have been doing boxing since I was  7, now I am 10 and are doing very well. Sadly my boxing club burnt down a few weeks ago and I'm having to go to go all around the place.
I have been boxing for 3 years and have won 3 trophies  I have also met Steve Collins and TimWitherspoon.

Girls Football

Girls Football Match!!!!

Girls Football is back and we are better than ever.  This year we have an amazing team, we have Molly in goal, Chloe and Lauren in defence, Emelia, Karis, Amber and Gracie in midfield and Amy as the striker!! On Wednesday we had our first match, we played Oxen and Oak meadow. The first match was against Oxen and the score was 3-0 to us, so we won our first match. Amy scored twice and Amber scored once. Our second match was against Oak meadow, in that match it was a draw, but still it was a success. Our third match was against Oxen again and that was 3 nil aswell.  On our fourth match we draw again and it was still 0-0. So we watch Oak meadow agents Oxen the score was 0-0, so we still got though but it was amazing match after all!

 By Emelia and Lauren W.

Amy's war poem

 Remember the brave  

On Flanders Fields the poppies lie
Covering the graves were our brave soldiers did die,
We shall not forget them.

And even though they fought with all their might
Still our soldiers died through day and night,
We shall not forget them.

And this day still soldiers risk their lives for ours
Fighting throughout the day for long, long hours,
We shall not forget them.

So wear those poppies on your chest with pride
To remember the determined soldiers who died,
We shall not forget them.

For the soldiers who died age no longer affects them
They stand in the heavens watching over us,
We shall remember them.

I will remember you- by Emily B

When I start to feel sad,
I remember all those soliers that fought in the war,
Fighting, shooting ,bombs and more.

It makes me grateful that Im here,
Not over there full of fear,
My mind is racing how it all started,
It makes me feel oh so down harted.

In bed I lie,
As soliders die ,
Buried in Flanders fields,
A poppy shall grow in there place.

The poppy on my chest,
Shall represent,
Those who rest in peace forevermore.

On Remembrance Day

On Remembrance Day...
By Sam.G & Ethan.W
We wear our poppies with pride,
To remember those who have died,
We will never forget them.

Our soldiers who have been brave,
For now we have all been saved,
We will never forget them.

We are grateful for all the deaths of,
Men, women and animals who tried to protect us,
We will never forget them.

As bullets fly,
 Our brave soldiers die,
We will never forget them.

Up till this day, our soldiers still die,
On the eleventh of the eleventh, 
We will remember thy.
On Remembrance Day.