Friday, 28 September 2012

Livewriting Session One

We took part in this year's first livewriting session today.  We were using the story of The Black Hat by Maia Walczak. We watched the video of the story without sound and wrote from the viewpoint of the boy. Have a look at our book. Follow the link inside the book to see the video. We wrote only part of the story and you can read them here. What do you think of our stories?
 You can see the whole livewriting process at:

Monday, 24 September 2012

LaurenY's 100 Word Challenge Week 2

You have just entered the brilliant but boring world of Ally Love!
I’ve got this new boyfriend you see his name is Lewis. My parents don’t approve of him. Anyway moving on from that, but just before we do he’s got blue eyes a great smile white teeth. Sorry sorry I get in a daydream when ever I talk about him. We were just sitting down to dinner when Mum and Dad announced they were getting a divorce form that day my world started to fall apart almost every day witch I HATE! 

Karis's 100 Word Challenge Week 2

One day we were just sitting down for dinner when there was a knock at the door. I couldn’t work out who it was knocking at my door so to be safe, I quietly tiptoed to the front door and slid my head through Moggie’s cat flap and noticed a small package in brown paper and tied up with string. It was for ME! I opened the tiny parcel and it was the most extraordinary thing any one could ever discover. It was… the worlds smelliest, stinkiest and horriblest cheese in the world. “HORRAY! The gloriest, greatest, most amazing CHEESE!”

Isaac's 100 Word Challenge Week 2

It was the night when Aunt Mary and Uncle Colin were stopping. Before they arrived, we were just sitting down for dinner when the phone rang. It was Aunt Mary saying that they were involved in a large car crash, so could not make it. “Bring Bring” the phone rang again. It was an unknown number. The message read: “Hand over your Corgi, or never see your baby again.” They replied with the answer of, “Take the baby.” The baby disappeared out of the air. 

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Molly's 100 Word Challenge- Week 2

We were just sitting down for dinner when the doorbell rang. It was another trick-or-treater, I gave them their sweets and lumbered back to the dinner table, frustrated. I just couldn't wait any longer, "Mum, whens Ben coming?" I whined.
 "Soon.." Mum replied. The doorbell rang again, "It must be him this time!" I rushed to the door exited. "BOO!" yelled Ben.
"Finally, your here!" I exclaimed. We ran into the back yard, tring to avoid all the spiders and cobwebs. I tripped, fell to the clod damp ground. I lay there for a few minutes, listening to a laugh...

Then I realised it was Chuckles the Clown......

Monday, 17 September 2012

My visit to Olympia - by Ella


On our holiday to Zakynthos we went on a day trip to Olympia. It was hot in zakynthos but even hotter in Olympia, in fact scorching.
The museum was great it had aircon! It was also full of things found on the site, from tiny statues of animals & helmets up to massive statues that were once on top of buildings. We also saw the  helmet worn by the man who ran to tell the Greeks of a victory in battle, the first marathon.
Olympia itself was all ruins mainly because of the earthquake years ago. There were many temples honouring the Gods especially Zeus who was the god of gods.
 We saw where the athelets trained & had a bath, they must have been quite small because the baths were tiny.
On the way to the arena they had life sized statues of past winners on one side but statues of the cheaters on the other, they would be “shamed for etertnity”
They didn’t run around a track but up & down a straight track, the start line was a long block of marble. Me & my mum had a go at running it but it was so hot we had a walk instead!
That’s Olympia!

Where the torch is lit
The Olympic Arena


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mya's 100 Word Challenge Week 1

Looking behind me, I saw my friend flapping her wings. We’ve lost him. Great .We kept looking forwards and flapping our wings. We flew into the forest and made a den from logs, twigs and leaves.
“He’s here.” A gravelly voice said from behind me.
“What?” I asked. In my mind questions whirred around my head.
“He’s here.”
“WHO?” I was getting frustrated now. I threw myself round to see who was there, no-one. I turned again nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Emily's 100 Word Challenge Week 1

I was out with my mate, at a adventure camp. We were there with the class. We were a mischievous pair and didn’t really listen to instructions. Anyway we were going on a walk, GROANNN…. Of we went to the woods as we got closer me and Mike spotted a sign: BEWARE. That’s all it said ??? Confused and curious we raced in like a bull. We wondered inside, astray from the rest of the class…..’Boo’! ‘AAGGHH ohh Mike…’ I blushed. I heard him mutter scardy-cat under his breath. ‘I’m not scared…. Il show him… Then looking behind me I saw …..

Amy's 100 Word Challenge Week 1

Hi I’m Amy and….wait there’s no time for chat now. I’ m bursting to tell you my story, ok here’s how it all began… I had been trapped in my nightmare for five minutes, but I was already terrified. I could just feel terror creeping up my spine. I could smell the monsters stench and, see there ugly faces staring at me licking there lips. Suddenly I heard a humongous roar. I closed my eyes dreading the consequences; looking behind me I saw a dreadful creature. I froze. “aaaaaagh”.   

Sam G's 100 Word Challenge Week 1

It was a grey lousy day in London. The damp humid fog lingered around the streets and terraces in the early morning hours. I looked up from my bedroom window up into grey sheet of cloud. Then a flash appeared in the sky. I looked closer. Something was heading straight for Earth. A ball of fire. I ran down stairs, out the door “Help, help!” I shouted, but nobody could her me I ran down the street quicker and quicker. Suddenly “BANG!” looking behind me I saw a cloud of smoke. I fell on the floor. I was dead.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Our Inspiration Poem

We have been reading a poem called 'If' by anonymous. We have been discussing the idea of our 'self-talk' this week and what we tell ourselves we can or can't do.
 We worked in collaborative groups to create our own parts of the poem.  We put all the parts together and came up with our class version. We wanted a poem that makes people reflect, think, and question.
What do you think?

Mind Talk – Your choice
By maple

If you think you’re not trusted,
You’re not.
If you think about bad thoughts,
Bad thoughts will think of you.

When you think you’ve failed a test,
You have.
If you want to argue, then you shall.

If everybody’s self-talk is negative,
The world will be a miserable place.

When you think you’re beaten, you’re sad.
Even if you try harder and harder, you’re mad.
Have you ever felt ashamed? You are.
If you feel afraid, you are.

If you don’t put in the pennies, you’ll never get the pounds.
Should you be in life’s tournament and you’re sure you’re done for,
Then my friend, you are.

When you think you can’t find the words,
You never will.
If you feel like you’ve fallen,
You have.
It’s all in the mind – what you think will happen, probably will.

Life begins when you start taking part.
If you believe in yourself, you will probably win.

Do you believe you can make it?
Because you can.
Have you never achieved something in life?
Have faith and you soon will.

Your life is in your hands.
Your choices are your destiny.
Life is good when you help other people.
You choose. 

Hello everyone!

Hello!  We are Maple Class.  This is our new blog for this year and we are really looking forward to filling it with all the wonderful things we are going to do.
Please keep checking in to see what we have been up to.